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The Unique Appeal of Vintage Decorative Rugs

In the past, our ancestors really cared for the tiniest of details while designing magnificent antique decorative rugs. Their intricate patterns contain a plethora of symbols which can be read like a book on the Middle-Eastern culture, together with the coloristic and meticulous techniques.

The fabulous rug-making craft have survived for centuries and evolved over the course of time. It went though many phases which began changing especially dynamically since the late 19th century. At the break of the 20th century, due to the socio-political unrest and, in a sense, the deconstruction of the hitherto existing order of the world, people started to look differently at art. The then-applicable opulent aesthetics made a 180-degree turn and transformed into more abstract and minimalistic approach, which found its reflection in vintage decorative rugs.

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Vintage Decorative Rugs in Various Cultures

The large and cogent group of vintage decorative rugs contains creations from various cultural circles, encompassing European, American and Eastern countries alike. There are fabulous Scandinavian flat-woven rollakans, which were inspired with the breathtaking natural surroundings of the northern countries and backed by the ingenious design philosophy which assumes that house furnishings should be practical, accessible and beautiful in equal measure. Their secret lies in the simplification of floral and animal motifs that take less time to make and exude an absolutely irresistible, heartwarming vibe.

In England, Arts&Crafts movement took hold as it revolted against the strict Victorian rules and social conventions, as well as the dehumanizing industrialization of the 19th century. Decorative rugs made in the Arts&Crafts aesthetics also contain simplified floral motifs and geometric symbols. They are the essence of English elegance and very often expose the connection of the islanders with their Celtic roots.

Moroccan vintage decorative rugs are a subject for a separate book. Although made in the last 50-60 years or so, they contain traditional, centuries-old patterns, permeated with deep significance. Whether in the form of kilims or Beni Ourains, decorative rugs from Morocco enchant with their geometric, bold faces.

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