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The Undying Beauty of Antique Decorative Rugs

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Rug collectors from around the world, understanding the profound significance of designs, colors, styles and patterns, are after authentic vintage or antique decorative carpets which tell a story of the region, culture and time they come from, as well as express the personal emotions of the weaver who hand-woven them with care, skill and precision. Each genuine decorative rug from the past required a great deal of time, effort and dexterity to be made in the unrivalled quality which can sustain centuries without practically any signs of blemish. This is why antique decorative rugs are the most sought-after by true aficionados. It is not the house décor and the matter whether a particular rug is going to fit in that is the priority, it is the deep meaning and timeless beauty that play the first fiddle.


The Importance of Antique Decorative Rugs

The most sough-after type of antique decorative rugs are the ones from Persia. It is not without a good reason. Persia was the center point of the so-called “Rug Belt” stretching from Near to Far East, where the art of weaving rugs was born and developed by the plethora of separate regions and cultures, incorporating their own distinct features which together evolved and today exhibit a dazzling variety of motifs, symbols, patterns and coloristic, which we presently know under the name of oriental rugs. Persian decorative rugs are saturated with meaning and never-passing charm. Persian weavers have developed iconic motifs such as the tree of life, which is a common theme for all religions believing in a single god. Its fruit, thought to bring immortality, is forbidden to all the mortals since the serpent who was guarding the tree had convinced Eve to eat it. Mankind, unable to reach the fruit, put all their hopes for life after death in the tree of life and made it a paramount symbol in their art, including rug craftsmanship. This and many other motifs show how much can we learn from the utilitarian objects that decorative rugs are. Their stories, interwoven into the fabric, tell us much about ourselves and the beginnings of our civilization. They are a reminder of the past events as well as the way of thinking of our ancestors.

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